Halloween, Whole 30


I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween. Chris and I are normally very low-key when it comes to big holidays and I don’t really enjoy the fuss of dressing up and going out for them (I’m a total wet blanket, I know). However, living in a place with only one season, I do tend to lose track of the days months and celebrating holidays helps to punctuate the passing of time.

So, we used colored paper to hang cutouts on the walls.


And our cat, Dagâ, also helped.


We made some spooky snacks, like this mummy pizza:


As well as these severed fingers and monster faces:


We also dressed in elaborate mustache costumes.


Even though the weather is still warm and humid, our home definitely feels a little more autumnal with the decorations and festivities. We have been eating lots of pumpkins and warm curries and watching movies like Young Frankenstein and It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Living in a new place encourages us to develop our own holiday traditions and it has been a really fun process.

Oh, I should also mention that we finished the Whole 30 program recently. It was a little anticlimactic since we sorta fell off towards the end when the Halloween treats were abundant.

Chris had joined the plan hoping to find new ways of incorporating unprocessed, local foods into our diet on a more regular basis. I joined hoping to learn if certain foods gave me troubles with digestion, energy levels, and my complexion. Our general impressions:

  • Completing the plan was reasonably easy and cheap due to living in Saipan. Things like coconut, fresh produce, and fish are affordable and easy to find, though there wasn’t much variety and that definitely wore on me at times.
  • We relied heavily on “throw together” meals. During the day, I would prep and cook most of our vegetables and meats. For each meal, we simply tossed things into a bowl and topped with some sort of seasoning or sauce. Ditto for lunches.
  • The repetition was sometimes left me feeling uninspired and bummed. We eventually indulged in a big sack of dry roasted almonds to shake things up a little.
  • Surprisingly, we really missed restaurants. Eating out has never been a huge part of our relationship, but it’s definitely one of the main forms of entertainment on island. I went out for coffee a few times, but abstaining from fun lunch dates did wear on us emotionally.

Regarding my specific concerns:

  • I undoubtedly found that I had more trouble digesting wheat, especially when consumed in concentrated quantities, like bread. Negligible things like soy sauce seem okay.
  • My energy levels remained impressively consistent, to which I credit the elimination of added sugars.
  • My complexion is still far from perfect, but I do think that eliminating dairy kept my skin a little clearer, especially during that TOM.

Where are we going from here? Ideally, we would like to eat Whole 30 foods almost exclusively while at home, but allowing little splurges when we’re out, especially now that the holidays are coming up :)

What are your thoughts on the Whole 30 plan?

20 thoughts on “Halloween, Whole 30

  1. Hey lady! Glad I got to catch up on a few of your blog posts–good for you and Chris for completing Whole 30! Woohoo! I can totally relate to that feeling of being a little bummed after eating the same thing day after day and missing restaurants. It’s surprising to see how much food really does affect your emotions, not just your body. I’m glad to hear it seems like all is going well in Saipan! <3

  2. I don’t know details on whole 30, but anything with more real food and less processed stuff sounds a-oaky to me :)

    The cutout decorations are super cute and I love that you are developing your own traditions!

  3. I’m dying to try the Whole 30! I’m trying to get my parents on board though because it would be SO much easier if we all did it together! Your decor and foods are spot on! I had a green smoothie for breakfast on halloween that my friends said looked like green slime. I thought it looked pretty, but at least I seemed in the spirit of things!

  4. I don’t know much about the Whole 30 plan but think eating more fish and vegetables is always smart. But I also think everything in moderation. Nothing wrong with eating a few extra almonds or a few pieces of Halloween candy :)

  5. I think you’re doing a great job incorporating some new Halloween traditions. It looks like you guys really made it your own. One of my favorite holidays was a random Easter where instead of visiting with family, the Hubby and I stayed home and decorated Easter eggs. We had a blast and I’ll always remember that Easter.
    I’m not entirely sure what the whole 30 entails, but if it’s whole unprocessed food, count me in. Although I always include some sugar in my diet. It helps keep me satisfied, except lately because I maybe went a little overboard. The Hubby and I were never big on going out to eat, but now that we’re trying not to, it’s definitely missed so occasionally we splurge too.

  6. I love your halloween food! that mummy pizza is adorable! glad to see you still have that autumnal feeling in the (very humid) air! and thats interesting about your whole 30 experience. to be honest- ive never been able to stick on anything like that for the time it takes to really see/ feel results so mine are always anticlimactic as well.

  7. Your kitty in the paper! So precious! And that name is gorgeous!
    Whole30 seems like such a great program to eliminate sugars and other processed foods. I have never tried it myself but I think it definitely brings a good perspective to the eating mentality.
    I can imagine that it’d get boring to not eat out and it DEF requires so much food prep! My roomie eats similarly to this and she has to prepare food like a mad woman! And she buys cookbooks and tries new recipes to keep things fresh. I think I’d have the same issue as you – just sheer boredom of everything. I am not much of a food prepper. :)

  8. Your monster snacks are too feckin cute. And that mustache. Yeah, I’ve done something similar to the Whole 30 several times and I always get bummed out not going on fun lunch/dinner dates too. & it’s always anticlimactic for me- I can never wean myself off it slowly and end up binging after, so I’ve stopped doing things so extreme.

  9. Aw, cute Halloween decorations! I love the concept of Whole 30, but I think it would be tough to follow it 100 percent (at least for me). The way you and Chris are doing it though–following it at home and allowing for splurges while eating out–would make it more feasible.

  10. I love your decorations and Halloween themed food! I ended up giving up alcohol, dairy and sugar for 10 days and I felt great. Although I did miss pumpkin pancakes and blueberry muffins – I may have to treat myself this week with pancakes!

  11. I have always heard that it’s strange to celebrate “cold weather” holidays (like Halloween, Thanksgiving/Christmas) in warm weather climates, especially since you’ve live in Pittsburgh, where there are VERY distinct seasons!! I think it’s soo cute that you made sure to celebrate, though. I love Diego. SO CUTE :)

  12. AH your decorations and foods are great!! I love celebrating holidays, although I’ve never been keen on dressing up for Halloween! I’ve never delved into the Whole 30 details, but I think it can be fun to switch things up here and there!

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